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What We Do

The Challenge

In recent years, political discord has reached levels unseen in a generation. Growing income inequality and rapid demographic changes are creating feelings of insecurity and instability.

At the same time, the growth of “fake news” and media echo chambers are making it harder for people to talk to each other. People are experiencing a loss of trust and becoming less willing to engage with opinions different from their own.


This loss of trust is a threat to our democracy: when we can’t trust each other, we lose our ability to communicate and cooperate across ideological and cultural lines.


  • Share new perspectives about inequality, immigration, and what it means to be German through social and traditional media

  • Provide a platform for people to share their own stories through viral interactive media campaigns


  • Organize events to bring people together who don’t normally meet, and enable them to interact with each other in an open, welcoming environment

  • Host community dialogue events on specific topics that allow people to express their values and needs, ask difficult questions without feeling judged, and brainstorm solutions together


  • Help scale programs already addressing these challenges to help them reach more communities and expand their impact

  • Bridge the gap between grassroots change-makers and government, helping raise the profile of  change-makers and connect policymakers with community needs and problem-solvers

Our Mission

Die Brückenbauer respond to these challenges by supporting a country-wide movement of renewed dialogue and community-building in three ways:

Are You a Brückenbauer?
What We Do
Our Team

Our Team

Based in Berlin and Frankfurt, Die Brückenbauer are led by a diverse team

of community leaders and experts in entrepreneurship, civil society,

economic development, and tech innovation.

Jessica Berlin

Public Policy & Economic Development Expert; Founder, CoStruct

Mike Kang

Facilitation and Strategy Expert; Founder, Evolve on Purpose

Rana Jalali

Industrial Engineer & Business Consultant; Founder, Irana Consulting

Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer

Technologist & Middle East Expert; Founder, FrauenLoop

Filipe Abreu

Developer & Designer; Founder, WeLaborate

Luter Filho

Designer & Creative Director; Co-founder, NAME 

Thair Orfali

Legal Assistant


Thomas Dünwald

Environmental Scientist MSc.

Omri Zaied

Software Developer; Co-founder, Practix

Are You a Brückenbauer? Get Involved!

Who is a Brückenbauer?

If you help build bridges, whether in your community, business, or in our society,


You are a Brückenbauer.


Die Brückenbauer is a movement and network that can help you

amplify your impact, and help you amplify others’ impact.



How you can get involved:


  • Suggest a project​: Have an idea to build bridges in your own community? Get in touch to discuss how we can help!  

  • Find a project: Do you want to build bridges in your community, but don't know how to start? Get in touch to find out what Brückenbauer activities are going on in your area and how you can contribute.

  • Flag your events with #DieBrueckenbauer: Are you hosting an event that is bringing together people who do not know or trust each other? Do you help create healthy relationships between people of different backgrounds?  Make yourself known by using #DieBrueckenbauer in your media.

Get in touch:

Jessica Berlin ( or

Mike Kang (

Die Brückenbauer (‘Bridge Builders’) is a network of volunteers, nonprofits, community groups, and businesses working to overcome social and political divides in German society.

We build positive relationships

between groups of people who do not know or trust each other, and


We develop and scale practical solutions

to the challenges that lie at the root of this distrust.


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